How To Assemble Your Jennoop® Quilt Suspenders Ceiling System

Jennoop® Quilt Suspenders Ceiling System


Jennoop® Quilt Suspenders Ceiling System is designed to be hung from any ceiling up to a maximum of 10 feet in height.

Note that because every ceiling is different, hardware is not included. You will need to purchase ceiling hooks, cabinet handles or similar devices plus anchors that are best suited for your particular ceiling in order to attach the Quilt Suspenders Ceiling System.

Jennoop® Quilt Suspenders are made out of heavy woven polyester and adjust to the perfect height needed to lift, support and suspend your quilt. User friendly clamps are easy to use with no squeezing to open the clamps for quilters with hand problems. The quick release ratchet system on the clamp makes it easy to use when repositioning your quilt.