Jennoop® Quilt Suspenders are made out of heavy woven polyester and adjust to the perfect height needed to lift, support and suspend your quilt. User friendly clamps are easy to use with no squeezing to open the clamps for quilters with hand problems. The quick release ratchet system on the clamp makes it easy to use when repositioning your quilt. 


The stand is lightweight but very strong, made out of furniture grade pvc and is collapsible so you can take it anywhere. The stand measures 52" high and 37" wide and comes with an 12" extension piece and connector included to accommodate wider tables and cabinets. An additional 12" or 36" extension piece and connector can be purchased separately by contacting us.

How To Assemble Your Jennoop® Quilt Suspenders and Stand

Add Upper Extension when needed

Jennoop® Quilt Suspenders and Stand