The idea for the Jennoop® Collapsible Hoop stand came about in 1998 when I called catalog companies and retail stores specializing in cross-stitch or counted cross-stitch, needlepoint or hand embroidery looking for a sewing hoop stand that sat on my lap leaving my hands free from holding the hoop. They all said what a great idea, but unfortunately they had no embroidery equipment or embroidery accessories like that.

​At that moment my plans for the embroidery hoop stand started to take shape in my mind.  I wanted it to have an appropriate angle enabling the user to perform needlepoint work more efficiently. I also wanted the embroidery equipment to be lightweight and portable so it could go anywhere when I traveled.  This meant it needed to be collapsible.

My husband Bob and I hired a Patent Agent to do a patent search to verify there was not a similar cross-stitch / hand embroidery product out there patented already.  Then the process was started to request a patent from the US Patent Office.  The patent was granted in October of 2000.  I was thrilled!  Now everyone could have a Jennoop Collapsible hoop stand.

After a couple of prototypes, this sewing hoop stand sat before me waiting to be used.  I had the vision and there it was before my eyes.  A dream come true.  It was everything I wanted in a hoop stand, and everything I needed for counted cross-stitch and hand embroidery. 

Now a name was needed for this invention.  I'd been called Jennoop by my Uncle Bill all of my life and took one look at the hoop stand and said Jennoop® Collapsible Hoop without even thinking.   We trademarked the name and started manufacturing in 2002.

The Jennoop® Collapsible Hoop stand is manufactured in the United States.  I have been told by retail craft stores, if we make embroidery equipment overseas and got the cost down, they would carry the Jennoop® Collapsible stand in their stores, making more of a profit from their overhead costs and for themselves.  We have chosen not to make the Jennoop® overseas so as not to take jobs away from the American Workforce.  Instead, the Jennoop® Collapsible Hoop stand is sold exclusively online and in cross-stitch, hand embroidery and needlepoint catalogs. 

About JENNOOP® Collapsible Hoop Stand

"I like your product very   much because, unlike similar products that I have tried, yours is so lightweight, which makes it easier to hold on to and keep on your lap. In addition, it’s simple to assemble and to collapse, and doesn’t take up a lot of space to store, which makes it a breeze to travel with"    ~ Pat


 JENNOOP® Collapsible Hoop Stand