The Jennoop Quilt Suspenders and Stand Story

"Thumbs up to you, now that's clever, awesome idea~well done!  How creative and so useful, thanks for sharing, ingenious, hope you're going to patent this, and how do I go about buying this Jennoop apparatus to help with my FMQ?"

"Quilt Suspenders! A miracle." 

Jennoop® Quilt Suspenders and Stand 


In April 2013 I made a prototype to suspend my quilt while free motion quilting (FMQ) to solve my problem with the dreaded drag. I invented the Jennoop® apparatus for myself and it worked so well with my quilting that I had to share it with fellow quilters. 

Quilters were very responsive and positive with their comments to my invention. 
"When would the product be available" they asked?

That's when I decided to start making the
Jennoop® Quilt Suspenders and Stand.

The Original One of A Kind 

Accept No Substitute!